Our Story

Miad LLC, Sun Prairie Fest Promotors

How it all began

Miad llc was founded by Harley Ringhand, Bill Fritz and Paul Esse in 2009 with one goal in mind–to have one of the area’s best beer tents with live music and a car show. With the varied background of the founders and years of event experience, the idea of Motors & Music was born. 

Once the idea for the event was up and running the location was secured. Angell Park Speedway is a perfect location for the show–it has a great beer tent, lots of room for expansion and it is a super place for a car show. One of the other benefits of the show is that it has become a vehicle (sorry for the pun) for starting and funding the Drew and Conner Fritz Foundation (DCFF). The DCFF was started after Bill lost his brother David in a boating accident. The tragic accident took David’s life but his wife and twin boys survived. 

The promoters of Motors & Music wanted to come up with a way to be able to help Drew and Conner with their educational needs as they get older–it was this goal that sparked the idea for the foundation. Bill, Harley and Paul are proud that they are able to raise money for the DCFF and for others in need in the Sun Prairie/Deforest area. 

The tire logo for Miad llc represents friendships, family and the circle of life. Can you figure out what Miad stands for? Ask one of the guys at this year’s show–they’ll tell ya.


Paul Esse

"Hello everyone! My name is Paul (aka PL)

  …but you can call me Bowzer. What is one thing that people don’t know about me….hmmmm….well, I am a two time national thumb wrestling champion.  My ring name is “Thumblin’ Down”.  If you see me at the show, please challenge me to a match.   

 My first car was a 1964 Chevelle Station Wagon. My favorite thing to do in the car was perform a brake check with someone riding in the back and watch them get folded up by the rear seat. Sorry Uncle.    

My passions are running, square dancing and fashion. I love a good outfit that consists of some vintage clogs, parachute pants and a mesh half shirt. Ask me about my favorite candy…'Double Bubble'!"    

Bill Fritz

"Hey! I'm Bill, one of the promotors…

  Welcome to our 8th year at Angell Park and Motors and Music! As one that promotes good music and good times with family and friends, I encourage you to reference my unwind techniques to inspire you to find yours! 

Dress for any occasion should be carefully considered.  Graduation party attire: floral print shirt, plaid shorts, 3 stripe basketball socks, and vinyl high heel shoes. Upon arrival at an event your clothing casts the first statement, but you must make the next; I prefer to let loose with a startling “waaaaaooooooh!” If those around you jump, message received. Entrance made, you can now join in other’s individual conversations. Drop a couple of unrelated one liners to see the mood of the group.  

Once the conversation is warmed up, here are some sure fire topics to keep conversation flowing: “I can cook minute rice in 34 seconds, Hamm’s is also good for medicinal purposes, I hear Captain and Tennille may go on tour, I used to wear size 16 shoes, I passed up a budding career playing jazz triangle, metallic gold New Balance shoes are both comfortable and eye catching.” Come on down show how you like to unwind.  We’ll be seeing yah!"    

"Hi there! I'm Harley…

...just like the motorcycle, but not as fast. C’mon! You know I had to put that in there! Any who, I am one of the promoters of Motors and Music as well. It is hard to believe that 2016 will bring our 8th show -- Holy Hell!  

I really enjoy making new friends at our shows and really look forward to the Love Monkeys and Shot Gun Jane this year.  My favorite movies are Smokey and the Bandit, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and just about anything with Tony Hopkins.

I am known as a snappy dresser, I am a great dancer, one hell of a tambourine man and I love pickles and hand ham. I enjoy a cool sea breeze from time to time and look forward to a great 7th annual Motors and Music."