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Sun Prairie Fest
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    Miad LLC, Sun Prairie Fest Promotors

    How it all began

    Miad llc was founded by Harley Ringhand, Bill Fritz and Paul Esse in 2009 with one goal in mind–to have one of the area’s best beer tents with live music and a car show. With the varied background of the founders and years of event experience, the idea of Motors & Music was born. 

    Once the idea for the event was up and running the location was secured. Angell Park Speedway is a perfect location for the show–it has a great beer tent, lots of room for expansion and it is a super place for a car show. One of the other benefits of the show is that it has become a vehicle (sorry for the pun) for starting and funding the Drew and Conner Fritz Foundation (DCFF). The DCFF was started after Bill lost his brother David in a boating accident. The tragic accident took David’s life but his wife and twin boys survived. 

    The promoters of Motors & Music wanted to come up with a way to be able to help Drew and Conner with their educational needs as they get older–it was this goal that sparked the idea for the foundation. Bill, Harley and Paul are proud that they are able to raise money for the DCFF and for others in need in the Sun Prairie/Deforest area. 

    The tire logo for Miad llc represents friendships, family and the circle of life. Can you figure out what Miad stands for? Ask one of the guys at this year’s show–they’ll tell ya.


    Paul Esse

    "Hello everyone! My name is Paul (aka PL)


    Paul here. Thanks to all that have come to join us in raising money to help our community. We look forward to seeing you again this year. 

    Please hold. 

    A note about myself….. I too am a music fan. Although I am an accomplished drummer and guitar guitarist. Few know that I prefer to express myself through dance. I have created several dance steps including the minimalist, the galloping ghost, and the no look no smile. The minimalist took on national recognition a few years back while in Las Vegas. Toby Keith’s night club was the setting where a circle quickly formed around me as I plied my magic steps. Shortly thereafter the bass guitarist took notice of my expression through dance. It was apparent how much he appreciated the steps as he bit his lips and contorted his face. A couple of times he looked away and bent at the waist while his head jerked approvingly. I will be putting on a clinic of my dance moves at the show so that you too can impress family and friends. I’ll be behind the drum set on Friday night before Madison County. Get me to come out and dance!


    Bill Fritz

    "Hey! I'm Bill, one of the promotors…


    Hey Y’all! I’m Bill, one of the promoters of Sun Prairie Fest.

    Hard to believe the show will be 9 years old this year! This is easy for me

    to remember because my favorite pair of spanks are also 9 years old. 

    I love a good cup of coffee, a strong Bloody Mary, the band Yes. Other little known 

    facts about me are that I have quite if the collection of clogs, singing in the rain and 

    enjoy playing Frisbee with myself. I am even thinking about coming out of retirement and 

    getting back in to rodeo clownin’. 

    I am really looking forward to announcing all the bands on stage this year. I 

    may even bust out my spoon harp and do a little ditty.
    We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s show!


    "Hi there! I'm Harley…


    Yes! Yes! Hello, I am Harley – one of the promoters of Sun Prairie Fest. 

    I can’t wait for this year’s show! Our line-up will be the best to date! 

    I love collecting Crocs, watching instructional videos on making blankets, 

    and working on broken tools. I am a marksman when it comes to rubber band guns and 

    really enjoy a good pancake.

    With enough encouragement I have been known to get up on stage

    and sing with the bands at Sun Prairie Fest. My voice is pretty good but my tambourine playing

    is the best! Be sure to say “Hi”, to me at SP Fest this year!